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Well, I guess I never asked you, why did you build the Gamma bomb anyway?


rbbanner started following you

Dr. Banner?



[SMS; Banner] I’m glad your pants are in working condition. 

[SMS; Banner] You should probably keep several spare pairs nearby.

[ SMS; Maria Hill ]
A groundbreaking thought, director.


[SMS; Banner] Oh my god
[SMS; Banner]  I’m pulling up surveillance cameras.

[ SMS; Maria Hill ]
I almost can't believe that worked.
[ SMS; Maria Hill ]
Hold it. Short circuit-no one and nothing is irreparably damaged
[ SMS; Maria Hill ]
Including my pants


[SMS; Banner] I’m pretty sure there was an explosion, What did you do?

[ SMS; Maria Hill ]
The fact that Im still texting you rational sentecajdhkl54u;

// it snowed twice here already

i think that warrants the icon change.


[SMS; Banner] Banner- did I hear an explosion?

[ SMS; Maria Hill ]
By all means, Idk what YOU heard.


Castle didn’t like when people demand him to do something, but that was really necessary. Banner wanted him to stay down because he was bleeding. Great. He obeyed the other male, laying down on the couch as he grunted because of the pain.

He didn’t want Banner to turn into the Hulk at that time either. He looked at the other with half-lidded eyes as he tried to breathe properly. “I thought you didn’t want me here any more longer. So I was trying to leave you alone.” He confessed, coughing a bit.

Castle was in a bad situation, and he couldn’t go away with his wound bleeding yet. He had to be patient, and listen what Banner has to say to him. However, Castle was afraid that Banner could call the Avengers. He didn’t want to go to jail. At least not now.

"You’re gonna warn the Avengers I’m here?"

He stood in his place for another moment in light of the question, then, low voice but definite said,

      “No.” Not yet. Maybe. But for now other things still had a better place at the front of his mind.

Again he made his way over to the first aid kit. It had it’s regular stock, newly bought, among a few additions. And first aid for himself, in the past few years, had mostly been stitching shreds of his pants back together into something half decent. He had practice there, if now just the technique to apply rather than any experience with putting human tissue back together like that.

Bruce made himself some room, settled on the low couch table for a seat, let his gaze swipe over the scene again, shortly.

      “… Is it still in there?”