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Anonymous asked: What do Hulk's chiseled abs feel like? Do they ripple when he laughs?


      … I have no idea.

Anonymous asked: Did you ever think about getting a pet, but something Hulk proof, like Godzilla or King Kong?


Anonymous asked: Do you get really hungry after?

      After what?


Anonymous asked: Do you like Argyle patterns?


      Not my favorite.

Anonymous asked: How do your pants stay on?

      I usually wear a belt.


Anonymous asked: OOC, where are you from?


Anonymous asked: So with your recent time traveling, what are the things you regret that could have been but weren't?

[ He hadn’t needed to be thrown into the depths of a messed up time stream to consider such thoughts.

For years such had already been fuel added to the fires of his inner turmoil.

It’s one thing he hasn’t mastered in his life, as well as other aspects of the ups and downs that day after day bring. Letting go of those unfulfillable desires.

The simplest things. To be a husband, to be a father.

      It doesn’t mean much to have a woman share your name when you can’t be around to just sit with her through a quiet evening.

      It’s not the same to know your blood will flow on even after you’ve left this plane of existence when you can’t be around to watch your children grow.

What about the things that might not be, if you could go back and walk down a different path?

Some days, he couldn’t care less. ]

Anonymous asked: I hear the Hulk is an /incredible/ softie with small and cute animals.


      We live in a strange world…

Anonymous asked: OOC: gees that's depressing.

// Yea man, don’t get me started … //